Advantages of Election Gurus

Advantages of Election Gurus a div. of Awaaz India Media Pvt. Ltd.

  • You get all winning edge solutions under one roof.
  • We have 30 years of experience in this filed and have worked with various national leaders in the past.
  • We keep out entire work confidential and no information is passed out any time.
  • Our winning record is quite high.
  • We have current strength of 600 plus associates manpower and expanding further.
  • For each constituency we provide dedicated manpower so that no work/data of one area goes to another area.
  • We have dedicated software and each area is given different set of login ids and password with fire wall and other security at our central technology center so that no other person than you and your authorized persons can see any other data.
  • Depending upon your need we create the user ids so that user as per their authority and level of responsibility sees data which you want them to see.
  • Your entire work is done in a very systematic manner which prevents manual errors and the entire campaign runs in highly organized manner.
  • Party workers become responsible and accountable as system is always watching them.
  • Lots of waste full expenditure is saved in addition to your valuable time and it increases the overall productivity.

Can give you definite programs , which if implemented fully can give you Extra votes to even change the outcome with PC/AC


Elections Gurus – Design Candidate website –

Election Gurus Provides a Candidate’s website for his profile, Achievement & Positions awareness worldwide :

  • Create and manage candidate’s website
  • If candidate have one take over the same.
  • The website will have following of candidate’s area only.
  • Candidate’s photographs and Videos.
  • Content of all the good work done by candidate for candidate’s area in the past.
  • Regular loading of candidate’s current and future work on candidate’s website and daily updating of the same.
  • Complete directories of candidate’s area with list, address, phones nos. of all concerned  persons of state and central govt. dept., Police dept. Hotels, hospitals, Schools, colleges/Universities educational, Industries, of candidate’s area
  • Tracking links for everything like track candidate’s railway reservation, pan status, passport status, air tickets, file filing of e returns, sales tax and service tax information and online filing of returns, Excise and customs, Public Grievances cell.
  • How to obtain various things like birth certificates, caste certificates, domicile certificates, driving license, death certificate, marriage certificates, voter ID card, adahhar card both application and tracking of the same.
  • Down load all kind of forms and data such as agreement to sell, deed for mortgage, general power of attorney, special power of attorney, Arbitration agreement, partition deed, trust deed, indemnity bond, lease deed, gift deed etc.
  • List of Medical/engg. Colleges, Research centers, National and local media details, Govt. media, Industry, Map of candidate’s area, company wise list. Shopping list which market sells what, RTI etc.
  • Who’s who of candidate’s area giving detail about various prominent personalities of candidate’s area?
  • Helpline/posting of feedback/questions/suggestion.
  • Demographic and geographic data of candidate’s area.
  • Census data of candidate’s area.
  • Places of tourism and attraction of candidate’s area.
  • Use of Wiki for loading and update content and give link on candidate’s website.
  • All other useful information of candidate’s area.
  • Candidate’s website will be linked to all other accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ LinkedIn etc.
  • Can provide candidate’s email id (optional).

Election Gurus – Our Social Media Services

Our Social Media Services(Optional)

We maintain your entire social media with help of all social media tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Your own website, Twitter, Google plus, Blogs , PR websites etc.etc. The major advantages of we handling your social media are as follows:

  • We join people from your constituency on Facebook by applying various search methods and invite likeminded people to become your friends/followers/likes. Once voter is attached to you on social media is likely to vote for you only.
  • We create lots of content for your by creating blogs, positive story, your images, videos of past good work done by you and once pre-approved we upload the same on all the social media tools.
  • Content is the king and more the content we create for you it becomes more visible and attract voters to your advantage.
  • On LinkedIn we attaché various high profile professional with you.
  • On twitter we keep on tweeting about you and all your positive work of the past.
  • On Google plus we also create circles for you and load all positive content in terms of blogs/iamges.videos etc.
  • We use various paid PR website and blogs sites to circulate your positive content.
  • Whatever goes on net it stays there forever, even media today uses internet to know everything about you and once we create tons of positive content around you, media is bound to see it and use the same in favour of you.
  • We either take over or create your website. Please find attach the list of content which we upload on your website**.
  • Since all the day to day utility content of your area is there in you website( See attached list) your voters remains in constant touch with you and you are always there in the their mind which results in to positive thinking about you resulting in to increase in your vote share.
  • In additional to list of content attached for web site we also upload entire life positive work on your website in form of positive story, blogs, videos , images, the funds used by you in your constituency etc. etc.
  • Social media enhances your overall image further which is appeals more to first time voters, professional and young voters.
  • Every negative or positive post is replied with positivity by our team of experts on any social media tools.We keep well trained and dedicated staff to handle all your social Media image enhancement work.

SENTIMENT ANALYSIS, Survey, Social Media Services – election Gurus –

Survey –Weekly report can be provided for gauging the mood, sentiment and ongoing conversation of the voters in the constituency-SENTIMENT ANALYSIS
In addition Election Awaaz also provides expertise in social media (not included in this package)optional

Social Media:


Social media users in urban India are estimated to reach 81 million by June 2014 

Facebook has 1.11 billion monthly active users worldwide including 75 million approx.  in India.

The average time spent by Indian citizens on Social Media is 29.6 minutes on weekdays as compared to 28.8 minutes on weekend days


  • Development and maintenance of ‘Candidate’s Development Portal’
  • Converting existing content into Social Media- Ready content
  • New Content creation
  • Sorting Content for various online mediums like Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Portals
  • Making Content SEO ready to ensure proper indexing and ranking on Search sites
  • Quality check on all content to ensure there is no offending message to any religion, caste or public in general.
  • Candidate’s Social Media Model shall be focussed on communicating & engaging with Citizens on Development & Progress under Candidate’s governance. 


In addition to the other products on extra charges if agreed to be borne by you, we can also provide CONSTITUENCY NURTURING AND MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE and various Applications (APPS) software to assist in electioneering for Pre-Election and Post-Election times. These can be quite helpful tools for effective electioneering. 


Data Services(In the Package Provided)

 We will provide booth wise Voter Data as follows:

  • Authenticated voter data.
  • List of booth wise first time voters.
  • Voter’s data in various age group such as 18-25, 26-35, 36-45, 45-60 and 60 plus.
  • Senior citizen voter data.
  • Voter data with head of the family and nos. of voters in each house.
  • Duplicate voter list.
  • Male /female voter list.
  • Basic Religion data. In case if u want the same in various sub caste then you have to provide four data entry operators and four to 6  constituency known persons who will keep identifying  the religion and sub caste and data entry operators will punch the same. This may take 20 to 25 days at your premises considering 10 hours of data entry every day(The expenses as per actuals of this service are borne by the client)
  • List of influencers in each booth.
  • Analysis of past election results.(last two Lok Sabha) or assembly election – Booth Wise
  • We have app 10 lac + mobile data of constituency with us and we will try to get more also If cost is involved the same will be collected from you at actuals.

Please note all data segregation will be provided by us exclusively and data categorization will be done with the parameters on the protocol made by us with the cooperation of your coordinators

Weekly surveys would be conducted for assembly wise reports in random booth wise

Election Gurus Services –

  1. SMS Blast(We will assist you in sending SMS Messages at actual expenses cost)(10 Lac Messages would be sent in the package free)
  2. Voice messages (including Two way voice recognition message service) as per actual expenses cost to be borne by the client
  3. MVJ: Meri vote Jyada –with an objective to increase your voter share substantially on polling day by getting people out to Vote for you. This would be the single most maximum positive votes gathering Programme to ensure more positive votes.
  4. Mapping Voter data base with mobile numbers from the constituency  
  5. Compendium for the Client/Candidate – having important information for timely reference instead of scrolling through hundreds of files. THUS REDUCING ELECTIONEERING COSTS & INCREASING VOTER’S REACH & VISIBILITY.
  6. Analysis:- Past two elections i.e. one parliamentary and one assembly elections booth level data is compiled and analyzed with benchmarks to determine on which booths we should concentrate more and where how much or marginal presence efforts should be done. This is to ensure for a practical campaign as those booths which have been pre-dominantly negative would not have a sudden change of heart.

These analysis can be further utilized in many other ways to make best use to gather more positive numbers and this can be explained during the meetings.

  1. Surveys: – Weekly or bi-weekly surveys during the final phase of campaigning is provided of random booth level/actual voter level data so as to gauze the ACTUAL VOTER’S sentiments amongst different set i.e. Age, Gender, caste, religion etc. This helps the campaign to be FOCUSED. The analysis and survey are very important aspects of the MICRO MANAGEMENT in Electioneering  

Election Gurus Services –

Election Awaaz Services:

  1. Voter Data Segregation:

a)    Family Head Wise Voters List and Count in a Family

b)    Age wise Voters Count in all booths of a constituency – booth wise

c)     Male and Female Count in all booths of a constituency – booth wise

d)    Duplicate voters in a constituency(Multiple entries in the electrol roll)

1) By name and relation in a PC

2) By name and relation in an AC

3) By Voter Id in a PC

4) By Voter Id in an AC

e)    Senior Citizens Lists

f)      1,2,3 Voters in a family list

g)    4,5,6 voters in a family list

h)    6 and above voters in a family list

i)       Total voters in a Booth list for positive,negative,neutral status, Influential voter list

j)       Religion Wise Voter list – only Hindu, Muslims and Christians(Sikhs in Hindus List)

  1. Voters Data Categorization: The entire data is categorized as per the various groups / segments. With additional marginal assistance of your party workers)if required for further customization)
  2. Website Development – to enable the voters and media know about the positive aspects about the candidate and interact directly.(Incase Social Media Services are served by us)


A div. of Awaaz India Media (P) Ltd.

Micromanagement Campaign Organizers



Election Awaaz a subsidiary of Awaaz India Media (P) Ltd. is a premier provider of election technology and management services Nationwide. Election Awaaz is India’s 1st ISO certified company providing electioneering services by means of latest IT technologies to enable you to PLAN your WIN.

Biggest Constraints in Election Campaigns

  • Very limited Time and so many things to do!!
  • Lack of Information Visibility
  • Lack of Detailed Planning & lack of Technical Inputs
  • Lack of Control on Party Workers Movements & Activities
  • Lack of Regular update on Influential Voters
  • Lack of update on Field Coverage and Visits
  • Poor quality field data due to old techniques

Other Challenges

Political Environment

  • Voters are more informed than ever before
  • Voter Engagement is critical for success

Local Information Access

  • Vague insight on Voter Demography
  • Huge competitive loss due to loss of valuable information

Party Worker – Visibility

  • Party Workers are voluntary and their effort levels are low when the candidates are away
  • No control of ‘Real’ Movement on the ground
  • No tracking of ‘Real’ effort and impact
  • No mechanism to do Party Worker Rating

Campaign Level Decision Making

  • Data from field is of poor quality
  • Data is not available for planning the campaigns

Huge money, Effort and Time is lost as there is no way to measure campaign Effectiveness

Micro Management of Voters & Targeted Social Media Image Enhancement

In next 3 days you can have – 1,65,000 Pages of Segregated data of your Constituency  .

  • All type of segregated including family profiling data of every family with family Head & numbers of family members with all possible details.
  • Ready for action data of every booth / voter- 95% work done already for you – this data can help you take a manifold LEAD on the polling Day.
  • Mobile data also available approx.12, ooooo Lakhs of numbers of already mapped & Actual Voter’s mobile data .
  • Survey + detailed booth analysis of past two elections + twice a week actual trend voters Survey booth wise – if you do all the above your WINNING Chances & reach increses – your election Expenses cost are Reduced and you get more time to connect better .you can connect daily even 30,000 voters
  • Data Segregation,Analysis,SMS Blast, Surveys @ Rs1.20 per voter
  • Data Segregation,Analysis,SMS Blast, Surveys, Social Media Image Enhancement @ Rs 1.80 per voter
  • just give it to the booth level workers for Action immediately.


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